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2.5mm Thickness Prepainted Aluminum Materials

2.5mm Thickness Prepainted Aluminum Materials from Hengzhan Aluminum.

We provide 2.5mm thickness color coated / prepainted aluminum coil for this project, wood grain as designer's requests.

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Liyang Museum is located in the southeast corner of Yanhu Park in Xincheng District, connecting urban public space with new nature. The organic form and rolling mountains compose a melodious piece of music among the mountains and forests. An open and free posture greets people from all world, and the perfect combination of the terrain and the eastern landscape forms a poetic landscape.

The design of the museum was inspired by Liyang's "burned End Lyre", creating the origin of the city's temperament. Architect Lin Congran reconstructed the symbolism in form, conceptually transforming it from historical antiquities to architectural forms.

According to the record of "Book of Later Han ‘Cai Yong’s Biography’" : "Wu people have those who burned tongs to blaze, and Yong heard the sound of fire. Knowing its good wood, it was cut into a Qin (Seven-string Chinese Zither), which has a beautiful sound as expected. Later it was named burned End Lyre in honor of its burned tail.

The oriental architecture stress the internal and external space as a whole, and the inner connection between heaven, earth and human. The design of the team fully considers the relationship between melody and nature, the interaction between people and architecture, and the specific process of cultural and life scenes, thus adopting multiple concepts: engraving, hanging song, circulation, and interactively discussing the essence of creativity in space, and inherit the true oriental architecture.

Liyang Museum is a multi-faceted quanta floating building, with the concept of "Hanging Song". The hollow form contains the exhibition hall of "present, past and future". Its lakeside location provides a multi-channel, multi-crossing landscape, drawing on the theory of architectural scholar Colin Rowe. The design of the Liyang Museum emphasizes the accessibility and multiple concepts of the architectural space.

The building configuration emphasizes the three-dimensional. The ground is co-constructed with the space of Yanshan Park. The lower part is integrated with the landscape by the juxtaposition of organic elements. People can visit the building at will. The entrance square is located in the southwest corner, just below the floating volume. As the main entrance of the museum, the hollow square will form a ventilated and cool microclimate, and naturally form a new stronghold for visitors. At night, the water-drop-shaped patio hollowed out in floating buildings, infiltrating light beams interact and change between the buildings, attracting people coming to sightseeing.


2.5mm Thickness Prepainted Aluminum Materials from Hengzhan Aluminum.

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