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0.55mm Thick 5052 Alloy White Color Coating Aluminum Sheet for Truck Safety Signs

Product Introduction

0.55mm Thick 5052 Alloy White Color Coating Aluminum Sheet for Truck Safety Signs

What are the differences between 5052 and 3003 aluminum?

3003 aluminum is alloyed with 1.2% manganese. While more malleable and formable than 5052 aluminum, it is not as strong (tensile strength 17 to 30 KSI vs. 31 to 41 KSI). Due to the presence of copper, 3003 aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion. This grade also features excellent workability and weldability. Common applications for 3003 aluminum include sheet metal work, commercial signage, and refrigerator liners.

Pre-painted (Color Coated) aluminum alloys coil is firstly painted on the surface of the aluminum plate with good color difference control and uniform paint film. It has the ability to be folded during fabrication without any detriment to the surface. For example, PE paint could realize both gloss and matt color effect. However, PVDF paint has high weather resistance, can be guaranteed 15 - 20 years color warranty. All our pre-coat aluminium finishes are tough and hardwearing, although if you are looking for an extended warranty, then PVdF is an option. This is our paint finish pre-coated aluminium that has the ability to be folded during fabrication without anydetriment to the surface.

Product Details Show

Product Parameters

1. Aluminum Alloy & Temper: AA5052 H32/34

2. Thickness: 0.55mm

3. Width: 900mm

4. Length: 900mm

5. Color: RAL 9003 Signal White

6. Paint: PVDF

7. Coating Thickness: 25-35 microns

8. Gloss: 10, 30, 60

9. Application: Truck Safety Signs

10. 90 degree bending without cracking

Product Processing

Production Process

unwiding---skimming(remove the oil and aluminum coil and aluminum debris)---cleaning---neutralization(neutralize the residue inside the degreasing tank)---cleaning---chromizing(form chelete film to enhance adhesion between aluminum plate and coating)---drying---baking---cooling(by blowing, soaking and circulating water guiding system)---winding

T & D

Testing & Quality Control

A. From raw materials to process treatment, we cooperate with well-known brands with stable quality and reputation of the industry.
B. Adopting the German technology, through the three-times coating and baking, 12 testing procedures to ensure that no paint shedding, bumps, coating voids.

C. The advanced colorimeter and error-detecting facility on thickness to ensure the quality.
D. The introduction of 8 advanced production lines from Germany, including four color layer lines, two cutting lines, two embossing lines, and a new production line of the protective film.

E. Full sets quality inspection: include the control of raw materials, the measurement of thickness and color difference during production, as well as the measurement of thickness and bending of products before packing.


Our Team

Product Packing

Customerized Package & Delivery, Standard sea export packing.

1. Craft Paper Coverage

2. Wood frame reinforcement.

3. Steel ring attached to protect the edge.

4. Non fumigation pallets.

5. Moisture-proof measures.

0.55mm Thick 5052 Alloy White Color Coating Aluminum Sheet for Truck Safety Signs

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