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Dragon Boat Festival Coming!

Hello everyone. China Dragon Boat Festival Approaching!

The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month of the year. 

According to "The Chronicles of Jingchu Years", May, midsummer, its first noonday is the perfect time to ascend a mountain towards the sun, so the fifth day of May is also called "Duanyang" Festival". In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival is also called "Noon Day Festival, May Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Yulan Festival" and so on. The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional cultural festival popular in China and other countries in the Chinese character culture circle. 

The Dragon Boat Festival originated in China. It was originally a festival of totem sacrifices for the tribes who worshiped the dragon totem in the ancient Baiyue region (the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the south of the Yangtze River). Before the spring and autumn of the place of Baiyue, the tribe was held in the form of a dragon boat race on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month for Totem sacrificial customs. In the post-war period, Chu Yuan (present-day Hubei) poet Qu Yuan died on the bouldering boulder on that day. The ruler used the Dragon Boat Festival as a festival to commemorate the patriotic label of the loyal prince. Some regions also commemorated Wu Zixu and Cao E. 

The Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival are also known as the four traditional festivals of the Han Chinese.

Since ancient times, Dragon Boat Festival has been a dragon boat festival and rice dumplings and other festivals. Since 2008, the Dragon Boat Festival has been listed as a national holiday. In May 2006, the State Council included it in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists; in September 2009, UNESCO formally reviewed and approved Chinas Dragon Boat Festival for inclusion in the world’s intangible cultural heritage, becoming China’s first selected world Non-legacy festival.

Nowadays, people usually make and eat a traditional Chinese rice-pudduing called "Zongzi" on Dragon Boat Day, also eggs.

Do you love Chinese Dragon Boat Festival?

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