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Traffic Safety Sign - 3mm Thickness Prepainted Solid Aluminum Plate

Hello, everyone. Here we would like to introduce one of our popular products, 3mm thick prepainted solid aluminum coil and plate.

First, let's look at some products pictures.

  • Alloy: 3003 H24
  • Thickness: 3.0mm (After coating)
  • Width: 1.5m
  • Length: 3m
  • Color: RAL7043 Signal Grey
  • Top Coating: PVDF 35 microns
  • T-bend: 90 degree bending without cracking

(The picture is our sample, made in lab, the bending performance is not good as the goods from bulk production)

  • Application: traffic Safety Sign

  • Subsequent Processing: cutting into different sizes of sheets depend on the sign type, 90 degree bending, then punching hole on the bending edge.

  • Requests: backside of sign must be painted for color RAL 7043 and the painting and aluminum should be no cracking after bending 90 degree and punching hole on the edge, and works for laser cutting, also it should be suitable for exterior use. Other side of sheets must be sealed (precoated) so reflective tapes adhesion is good and aluminium doesn't oxidizing.

  • All kinds of Traffic Safety Sign

If you interest in this product, 3mm thickness color coating solid aluminum plate, feel free to contact me.

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