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Color Aluminum Water System Decoration Function

Color Aluminum Water System Decoration Function

◆ Beautiful colors: The color aluminum water supply system provides designers and developers with a variety of color products to match the colors of the building's eaves, waist lines and exterior walls. Change the color of traditional monotony and make your house the “finishing touch” to achieve the perfect combination of traditional architecture and modern art! Personalized customization, colors can be arbitrarily chosen, integrated with the environment, filling the architectural essence!

◆ Lasts for a long time: A layer of oxide film invisible to the naked eye will form on the surface of aluminum, so that the aluminum will no longer oxidize. This self-protection makes aluminum extremely resistant to corrosion; secondly, the surface of the aluminum alloy substrate is covered with colored polyester. The coating is color-stable; the coefficient of thermal expansion of the third aluminum alloy is similar to that of the cement base layer, and will not cause rises and cracks after the use of the color aluminum falling water system, resulting in water leakage; meanwhile, the aluminum alloy has a temperature of -45°C to 260°C. Intensity and performance do not change; therefore, it can be found in severe cold regions such as northeastern China; strong sun exposure—as in southern China, where there is a large temperature difference between day and night; if used in harsh and variable climates such as China’s Xinjiang, it’s guaranteed to last as new. .

◆ Safety: The specific gravity of metal aluminum alloy is 2.7. The entire falling water system is relatively light, which greatly increases the force safety.

◆ Green: Aluminum alloys are recyclable.

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