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Aluminum Ceiling Installation

Aluminum Ceiling Installation

In order to avoid the uneven appearance of aluminum ceilings, attention should be paid to the following points during the construction process:

(l) The purchased aluminum ceilings and their associated keels and fittings shall meet the product quality requirements and shall not be bent and deformed.

(2) During transportation and stacking, aluminum ceilings should be kept flat and cannot be pressed, and high temperature and harmful substances should be avoided.

(3) The keel is flat and the spacing deviation should be controlled within the allowable range of 1.5 meters.

(4) When installing aluminum ceilings, if there are deviations in dimensions, they should be adjusted before inserting in order, and they must not be hard-inserted to prevent deformation.

(5) Large lamps, exhaust fans, etc. should be fixed keel alone, should not be placed directly on the aluminum ceiling.

As long as you can pay attention to the above five points, you can basically achieve the solid effect of aluminum ceilings and avoid unevenness. During the construction process, if necessary, observation and inspection may be performed by means of a ruler, hand test, etc.

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