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Industrial Use Aluminum Ceiling Panel

1. Baffle Ceiling

are ideal for creating atmosphere within a room space. They are particularly suited for remedial installation on concrete ceilings where a distinctive design or improvement to the acoustic sound is required. A sound baffle is a construction or device that reduces the strength (level) of airborne sound.

2. Open Cell Ceiling
It helps to define a space and create interesting shadows and lighting effects. Available in a range of sizes and colours, it also provides a creative mask to the plenum that ensures the ceiling becomes the focal point of the roof void.

3. Strip Ceiling

The Ceiling Strip replaces the corner profile used in recessed ceilings, and at the same time, creates a completely invisible picture hanging system.

When this ceiling system is installed, the only element that is visible is a discreet shadow line along the edge of the recessed ceiling where the flexible picture hanging system is hidden.

4. Clip-in / Lay-in Ceiling

Clip-in metal tiles are attractive panels supported by a concealed suspension system, forming a seamless and monolithic ceiling appearance.

Clip-in metal tiles come in square and rectangular shape, preformed with bevelled edges and vertical sides which incorporate  single or double locking systems that snap into the spring T.

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