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Characteristics of Roll Coating & Spray Coating

Roll coating characteristics

1. High-speed automatic operation, fast coating speed and high production efficiency. The production speed is generally about 100mm/min, and the highest is 244m/min.

2. No paint fog, no paint fog splash, coating efficiency close to 100%

3. Low viscosity and high viscosity coatings are suitable, can be 3-5μm film to 300-500μm thickness of various film thickness coating. Can control the film thickness more accurately, and the thickness is uniform

4. The front and back can be painted at the same time

Difference from spraying

1. The method of painting is different

When the roll is applied to the substrate or the roll, it is passed through the pickling and leveling procedure on the assembly line. According to the required thickness of the paint layer, it is computer controlled and finished in a relatively closed space by baking several times. After the roll is applied, it is a roll of aluminum plate with a lacquer layer. It can be directly processed into colored aluminum falling water products; spraying is formed by bending the aluminum plate into a groove and then painting with a spray gun.

2. The roller is coated with a back coating and there is no spraying.

Coating: Roll coating is 3 coatings: the top coating is the color coating; the primer is the coating between the top coating and the aluminum sheet to enhance the adhesion of the surface layer and the aluminum sheet; the back coating is the anti-corrosion of the back of the aluminum sheet. Coating to enhance the corrosion resistance of the color coated board. Spray only one layer of manual finish.

3. Baking: The roller is coated twice (above the three coatings and two baking), and the spraying is once baking.

4. Coating film thickness: The coating thickness of the roller coating is uniform, and the spraying is manual operation, which is relatively not uniform, and the time is short and the aging is easy to aging.

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