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3003 alloy Coated Aluminum Coil

Description of color coated aluminum coil

1. Color coated aluminum coil is the aluminum coil surface coating coloring with AC, PE. HDPE, PVDF. FEVE. Aluminum 

   performance is very stable, the surface after a special treatment can achieve 30 years of quality assurance

2. PVDF Coated: Coated Aluminum Coil features with super durability and weather resistance,and better properties to anti-acid,

   anti-alkali, keeping more than 15 years without fading in using as external wall cladding.

Aluminum metal roofing coil of our company is a kind of roofing manufactured using new materials and main features of it are light, 

fireproof, waterproof, mothproof, mildew proof and anti-cracking. Construction of it is convenient and simple. 
The aluminum roofing material is 3003 Alloy, almost use temper H24,H16 Alloy, the coating mainly use PVDF, which can keep 15-20

 years  quality assurance.

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