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Aluminum Curtain Wall & Roofing Project

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Today, I will introduce you curtain wall & roofing project in details which materials used by our product - colour coating aluminum coil.

  • Year of Production: 2017
  • Site: Rizhao, Shandong
  • Project Name: Rizhao Xianghe Gymnasium
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Aluminum Alloy: 3003 H24
  • Thickness: 1.0mm & 3.0mm
  • Paint: Pvdf
  • Color:White & White Aluminum
  • Coverage Area: 8,000 ㎡

The Rizhao Xianghe Sports Park project has a total construction area of 108,000 square meters. It has an outdoor court (including gymnasiums and athletes’ apartments), a fitness plaza, a fitness trail, supporting commercial facilities and an underground garage. It is the largest comprehensive sports complex in Rizhao City. The fitness center is also the venue for table tennis and short-track speed skating competitions in the 2022 Shandong Provincial Games and the venue for the closing ceremony of the Provincial Games. It will be built into a comprehensive arena that can host regional and national individual events as well as fitness and leisure for Rizhao citizens. paradise.

Among them, the National Fitness Complex is a comprehensive sports venue that meets the National Sports Architecture Grade B standard. The design is inspired by the blue sea waves with the characteristics of Rizhao, which means to inspire the players to "rush forward bravely". The hall is constructed in accordance with international competition-level venue standards, adopts Beijing Wukesong Stadium craftsmanship, is paved with sports dedicated wooden floors, and applied advanced stadium ice making and dehumidification systems, reaching the level of use of international professional competition venues, and is the only one in Shandong Province A stadium that can realize the free conversion of ice hockey, basketball, and volleyball. It can hold volleyball and basketball matches as well as ice competitions.

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