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Aluminum Price, Exchange Rate, Freight

Latest Price Tendency

Hello, everyone. How are you lately? Greetings.

With winter approaching, the second wave of Covid-19 restrikes along with the cold air.

Kindly be safe and take care. Pray for you and your family.

American Presidential Election is no doubt the hottest topic in the world in recent days.

Who will win finally? 

However, no matter who wins, this event give us a lesson.

Two 70+ year-old men fight so hard for one job, is there any reason why you shouldn't strive?

Now. let's look at the latest data regarding aluminum ingot price, exchange rate and freight.

As you may already notice, aluminum ingot price is still staying at a high level, about 15000RMB/Ton.

Exchange rate bewteen USD & RMB suffers a disastrous decline due to the pandemic and twists and turns of the US President election.

This morning, exchange rate hits a new bottom, 6.59.

Last but not least, freight. Freight doubles for some European countries, and four times higher for some Southeast Asian Countries.

Details please check the below chart.

Bad news, I understand. But don't worry. Believe everything will be back to normal very soon. (*^_^*)

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Have a happy weekend!

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