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Benefits of Color Coating Production

Color Coating Aluminum Coil Manufacturer

Greetings everyone. Today, let us see the benefits of color coating production.

Firstly, the Most Earth-Friendly Way To Apply Coatings To Metal

The coil coating process is widely known to be the most efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly way to pre-clean, pre-treat, pre-prime and pre-paint steel and aluminum substrate.  It's the most eco-friendly coating process on Earth! Here's why:

  • 98% VOC Capture: Coil coating is a highly efficient 'closed loop' process, meaning that the coating curing ovens burn the harmful VOCs, using them as fuel, saving energy and eliminating pollutants. Coil coating achieves at least a 98% rate for capture and destruction efficiency, eliminating toxic air pollutants that would otherwise be released into the air.

  • Centralized Operations: By centralizing paint operations, moving them from the manufacturers' inefficient in-house paint shops to coil coaters' high-tech coating lines, environmental issues are concentrated, controlled, and even eliminated.

  • Exceeds EPA Standards: The coil coating industry is subject to the highest EPA standards and meets and exceeds these standards even as they become more stringent year after year.

  • Recyclable & Recycled: The end products are green, too. Prepainted metal is fully recyclable, and coil coated products are often made of recycled content.

Secondly, prepainted metal products are amazingly durable. With the appropriate surface treatments, prepainted steel and aluminum can be made virtually:

  • Waterproof

  • Weatherproof

  • Corrosion resistant

  • UV resistant

  • Even smog-eating

Thirdly, prepainted metal enables product designers, architects, manufacturers, and more to reinvent products of all types. Innovative shapes, colors, patterns, textures, and specialty coatings are all possible with prepainted metal. 

Architectural paneling, appliances, building materials, signs and displays can become awe-inspiring objects of beauty with laminate films applied with the coil coating process. The look of stainless steel, brushed copper, wood grains, and even color changing pigments can be achieved using prepainted metal.

Prepainted steel and aluminum can be used for walls, roofs, floors, and more, producing buildings with both function and beauty. From micro-housing to mega-factories, prepainted metal can add that WOW factor to architecture.

Prepainted metal can be the catalyst to transforming everyday items into objets d′art that capture your customers' attention and makes your products irresistible.

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