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QC System - During Coating Process

Color Coating Aluminum Coil

QC SYSTEM - Color Coating Aluminum Coil & Sheet

Hi there, thanks for visiting our website. Today, I would like to introduce QC system of product - color coating aluminum coil in our factory. First, lets review there are four rounds of test throughout the whole order: Raw materials test before entering machine, paint test during coating produce, final inspection after rolling and sampling inspection before package.

In the article, I will continue to show you details about our test during production.

  • Color Difference
1) It requires that the white color system should not exceed 0.4, and the dark and silver color system should not exceed 0.5, feedbac in time if exceed. 
2) According to the sample's dry film scratching test, the color difference between the two samples shall not exceed 0.5 and must be consistent with the standard color Hue.

  • Dry Film Thickness 

According to different application & application environment & project request. 

For example, pvdf coating must no less than 25 microns; for seaside environment, better 35 micorns to make sure good color retention performance;

 The general manager of Xinhe Aluminum Industrial Group said: there was Haier smashing defective refrigerator, and now there is Xinhe disposing unqualified aluminum coil. 

At the same time, he pointed out that products with quality problems must be destroyed, and never be allowed to flow out of our factory and also China.

The quality of a product is the life of an enterprise. Only by strictly controlling quality can an enterprise be invincible in long-term competition.

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