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Standing Seam Aluminium Roof Panel

Aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloys for roofing and exterior walls are generally pre-rolled (Coil Coated), with good color difference control, uniform paint film and quality stability, high environmentally friendly, etc. Commonly used thickness is 0.7-1.2, common type models are high vertical side 65-430 (expand 600), 65-420 (expand 595), 65-400 (expand 575), short vertical 25- 430 (expanded 500), 25-400 (expanded 475), etc. A3004 aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy has the advantages of moderate structural strength, weather resistance, stain resistance, and easy bending and welding processing.

The 65mm high standing seam panel adopts an upright locking system. The aluminum alloy T bracket is fixed with purlin, and the roof panel and the plum bracket of the T bracket are engaged with the edger. In addition, a heat insulation pad is installed under the T bracket and fixed with screws, which can prevent the electrochemical reaction between the aluminum component and the steel structure, which effectively controls the cold bridge effect. High standing seam has better load capacity and wind resistance than low vertical seam, and can better meet the roof design needs. It is popular used in national project such as station, airport, MRT; High-end, large-span projects like stadium, museum and exhibition center.


We supply prepainted aluminum coils for high veticle standing seam roofing panel.

  • Alloy: 3004 H24

  • Thickness: 0.9mm

  • Width: 1200mm

  • Top Coating: RAL 9006 White Aluminum PVDF 25 microns

  • Back Coating: PE 15 microns RAL 7035

  • T-bend: 2T bending qualified without cracking

  • Application: High veticle standing seam roofing panel

The 25mm adopts a vertical edge bite structure, and the bite way is different from that of a high vertical edge. Fix the self-tapping screws between the base and purlin. The base layer and the panel are fixed with fasteners made of stainless steel or aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate material. 

The roof panel blocks are connected by a unique occlusal folding method. After the upper and lower plates are superposed, they are 270 °single or 360 °double , Forming a sealed whole, has a certain waterproof and anti-seepage performance.


We supply prepainted aluminum coils for high veticle standing seam roofing panel.

  • Alloy: 5052 H32

  • Thickness: 1.0mm

  • Width: 1000mm

  • Top Coating: RAL 7047 Telegray Grey color PVDF 35 microns

  • Back Coating: PE 22 microns RAL 9003 Signal White

  • T-bend: 2T bending qualified without cracking

  • Application: low veticle standing seam roofing panel

  • Package: Standard Sea Transport Packing

PVDF paint could offer scratch and abrasion resistance, and the alloy pre-treatment offers excellent resistance to corrosion. Perfect colour and gloss stability is guaranteed by the UV filter contained within the topcoat. 


Aluminum Roofing coils are available in a wide range of standard colours and in RAL colours. Our colour range is extensive. We can provide solid color, metallic color, wood / marble / brick / camouflage grain finish with colour matching being customerized as your design.

Logo of PE protective film could be designed and customerized by customer. Package also.

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