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XINHE Aluminum Industrial Group Epidemic Prevention

1. Before going out, wash hands, and put a mask on. Do not touch the inside surface of mask.

    Completely encase your mouth, nose and jaw. Bridge your nose by the side with a metal bar.

    Change mask timly and wash hands often.

2. Do not touch nose, or mouth directly by hands, especially after go outside. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue paper while coughing or sneezing.

3. Avoid touching or killing wild animal, birds. Eat well-done foods.

4. Pay attention to keep clean and air ventilation indoorly. Try not to go populated area.

5. Consult a doctor timely in case of fever or RTI.

6. Cancel unnecessary party or public activity.

7. In the outside, especially hospital, wash hands after touching public facilities. Do not touch eyes, mouth, or nose by hands.

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